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How to find Raw Land and sell Ready-to-Develop
directly to the National Builders
“Raw2Ready” Concept

How many of you knew that the National Builders are the biggest and most aggressive land buyers in the US? Did you also know that even though they slowed down, they did not STOP buying land and building homes during the last recession? 


That’s right, what you have to remember is the National Builders are institutional companies, their only business is to build and sell homes, they don’t have a “fall-back position”, they have to keep building houses, they have to keep feeding their machine, their machine’s diet: Ready-to-Build, Finish Lots. 


There’s another thing, many land investors do not know that the National Builders not only buy Finished Lots; but, they will also self-develop. That means they will buy land that is Approved and  Ready-to-Develop.


Let’s face it, there is a huge opportunity to supply this demand, make substantial profits without pushing dirt; without having to  manage additional risk or contractors. I like call it “Raw2Ready”.


My Name is David Hansen andI have been doing it for 35 years, first as a Civil Engineer and Land Planner than as a Developer and now I explain it in a video interview from an International Podcast hosted by Rafi Mizrahi.

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If you have or found land with Residential Development Potential and would like us to help you develop it, leave your information bellow and we will get back to you